Magic Made makes milestones and holidays magical for kids
and stress-free for parents, so families can live in the moment.

We believe in making the holidays, seasons and milestones easier by taking things off your plate — so you can enjoy the moments versus simply surviving them.

We believe in the power of magical thinking.

We believe in embracing the years where kids believe in Santa, the Tooth Fairy and leprechauns.

We believe parents work tirelessly behind the scenes to make their kids’ visions a reality.

We believe doing it all is a myth that should be busted.
The only way to do it all is to ask for help along the way.

We believe a little extra support for parents can turn a milestone or holiday into a magical moment for all.

The holidays may always be stressful, but the magic doesn’t have to be.

We’ll help make the magic so you can live in the moment.

Our Story

Once I became a parent, I couldn’t wait to see Christmas through the eyes of my
daughter. Her wide-eyed excitement turned me into a magic maker. But creating
those moments quickly became a source of stress.

The pressure of creating magical memories for your kids is real, and it can zap the fun
out of a special moment. We want to change that.

Our all-in-one kits are our way of waving a wand and removing something from your
to-do list.

Kids only believe in magic for a short time and it’s — dare I say — magical!

We’ll help parents turn their children's favorite moments into unforgettable memories,
while letting adults enjoy them too.

Poof! Magic made.